What Is The Function of Bottom Spray Coating?

What Is The Function of Bottom Spray Coating?

By Eric / Wellong

Nov. 28th, 2021

Anti-noise function: The bottom of the sink is sprayed to reduce the impact of the water from the faucet on the bottom of the basin, and play a buffering effect with relatively low noise.


Anti-condensation function: Although the water tank will not seep, it is prone to condensation of water vapor on the outer wall of the water tank. Put the frozen food into the sink, and the water vapor will condense on the bottom of the basin to form water droplets, which will make the inside of the cabinet damp. Spraying a suitable layer of paint on the bottom of the sink may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference and destroy the formation of water droplets. The high-quality coating also has a certain moisture absorption function to protect the cabinet from flooding.

The world's first coated sink was produced in Europe. At that time, the kitchen "silent revolution" was upset. Later, global sink manufacturers followed suit, taking this as a selling point and positioning it as a high-end sink. .But less than 10 years later, this technology was eliminated in Europe. Nowadays, some international brand manufacturers have adopted silencer pads, mainly to reflect the authenticity of their hygiene and materials. The argument of condensed water does have its scientific truth. He must have three conditions: 1. It is in a specific season; 2. It reaches a certain humidity; 3. The temperature of the water in the basin. To meet these three conditions at the same time, small water droplets will appear at the bottom of the basin, but it is difficult to meet these three conditions in reality. Therefore, some sinks on the market are uncoated.

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